Набор для творчества “Средний”


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The DIY mosaic kit is an opportunity to unleash your talents, art therapy and meditation. A perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, Rosh ha Shana, New Year, housewarming. The multicolored circle set is also recommended for corporate events (you need to discuss and prepare the required number of sets in advance, as well as the participation of a teacher if you wish).

You can do your original small mosaic work yourself, with your family, with friends or colleagues. All the necessary materials are already in the kit – you just need your desire to create and 2-3 hours of time. 

This set is suitable for people of all ages. Also suitable for children from 4 years old under supervision and with the help of an adult (only smooth mosaic pieces in the set, no sharp objects).

What’s in the set: a wooden base-circle or a base-frame for a photo / picture, a set of mosaics for this work, glue, grout, instructions. Colors and types of mosaic pieces, type of frame and box may differ from the photo.

The finished work can be used as a stand or put on the wall.

Base circle: 15 cm
Base frame: about 20×15 cm


Вес Н/Д
Габариты Н/Д

Разноцветный круг, Рамка


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